The Avonair Pro-Shop offers all the equipment you need to have a great game of curling! 

  • Shoes
    • The Avonair offers both Men's and Ladies' shoe options in a variety of styles. Competitive or recreational, we can find the right shoe for you!
  • Grippers
    • Grippers should be changed a minimum of once per season. If worn too long, they begin to degrade and can leave debris on the ice. If you notice the ice getting dirty throughout the season, be sure to self check and upgrade your equipment.

  • Brooms
    • The Avoniar offers a variety of recreational and competitive brooms. Come on in today and see if any of them are right for you.
  • Broom heads
    • Broom heads should be changed a minimum of once per season - ideally twice (once at the beginning of the season and once at Christmas). The longer a broom head stays on a broom, the less effective it becomes and the most debris it will leave on the ice. Take a quick look at your broom head and make sure it is clean and fresh.
  • Gloves
    • We have several different types of gloves and mittens available for sale.If your hands get cold, come in and see if any of our gloves are right for you.
  • Stop Watches
    • We have basic stop watches available for anyone needing one.
  • Protective Headgear
    • Don't take the chance on a head injury! It can happen to anyone at anytime. If you aren't completely comfortable on the ice, come and take a look at one of our many varieties of headgear. Don't want a helmet? No worries! We have stylish hat and headband options that make safety look good (and keep your ears warm). If you are under the age of 12 years, please note that you are required to wear protective headgear while curling at the Avonair Curling Club.
  • Sliders
    • Need a new slider or set of sliders? Looking to upgrade your sliders for greater speed? Come in and have a look at our many options. We also have slip on slider options for beginner curlers to put over running shoes.



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We are located directly in between NAIT and Kingsway Garden Mall.


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About the Club

The Avonair is a modern eight sheet rink featuring exceptional ice conditions and a variety of instructional, recreational and competitive programs. We are a curling club that welcomes players of all levels, from beginner to competitive, and are committed to supporting curling at the grass root level.

Our Mantra: Curling for everyone, everyday!