Ice Rentals

The Avonair Curling Club is proud to be a part of all your Curling needs!

We offer ice rental packages to groups such as Corporate events, Christmas or Birthday parties, Schools, or even to those looking to add some Curling to their weekend! If you are a part of a group of people and are looking for a fun, strategic, and team building activity, Curling at the Avonair is for you! 

Please fill out our Rental Information Forms found here and here with the specifics of your event to help us ensure that we can meet the needs of your group. This form can be filled out in person in the Avonair Curling Club or can be scanned and emailed to the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note: Events are not final until confirmed by a member of the Avonair Curling Club staff. Once we have received your Rental Information Form, we will ensure that the requested dates are available and that the appropriate staff are available for those dates. We will then contact you with a confirmation phone call or email.

Please read the Terms and Conditions to ensure that you and your group have a great time curling!


Ice Rental Fees:

We recommend 8-10 people on 1 sheet. The Avonair Curling Club has 8 sheets of ice.

0-2 hours: $22/person/hour

2-4 hours: $30/person/hour

4-6 hours: $35/person/hour

6-8 hours: $40/person/hour

*Access to brooms and sliders and all other necessary equipment is included in the rental price.


Instruction Fees:

We have excellent instructors at the Avonair Curling Club who are excited to meet new people interested in the sport of curling. Let us teach you the game!

We recommend that all rental groups with little to no curling experience consider taking some sort of lesson with our instructors, as it will lead to a safer and more enjoyable experience on the ice.


Refresher/Rapid Instruction: $25/instructor

  • This instruction is intended for:
    • People with some curling knowlege or background who would like a refresher on the basics.
    • Corporate/rental groups looking for just enough instruction to have a fun day on the ice.
  • 30 minutes of off-ice and partial on-ice instruction.
  • Safety, slide and delivery, sweeping, and rules and game play are covered.
  • Note: This instruction is not thorough and will not suit the needs of a beginner curler looking to learn the sport.

In-Depth Instruction: $50/instructor

  • This instruction is intended for new, beginner, or returning curlers. Anyone can benefit from this instruction.
  • 60 minutes of off-ice and on-ice instruction.
  • Safety, slide and delivery, sweeping, rules and game play explanation with a basic look into strategy are covered.
  • The instructor will help on-ice in the first end if games are played following the instruction.

Advanced Instruction: $80/instructor

  • 120 minutes of off-ice and on-ice instruction.
  • Safety, slide and delivery, sweeping, rules and game play explanation with a deep dive into strategy are covered. All topics will be covered thoroughly so that all participants have a firm understanding of each part of the game.
  • The instructor wil help on-ice with practice before the game and be available to players during game play.


Special Offers:

Ice Rental + Lounge

  • The lounge is free to use with an ice rental of more than 2 hours
  • This is a great space for watching Curling or for hanging out between draws

Ice Rental + Boardroom

  • The boardroom is free to use with an ice rental of any length
  • For smaller events, you may wish to use the boardroom after your ice rental for a meeting, or even a celebration


Note: Depending on the date and time of your event, we cannot guarantee that the lounge will be private for your group. The Board Room is far more flexible and can be booked privately almost all the time.


Schools recieve 50% off Ice Rental Fees (excludes the cost of an Instructor, Bartender, Concession $200 minimum, or Banquet)

Sponsors recieve 25% off Ice Rental Fees (excludes the cost of an Instructor, Bartender, Concession $200 minimum, or Banquet)



Our Bartenders can provide your event with exceptional service. Outside alcohol is not permitted inside the Avonair Curling Club, so if your group is looking to serve alcohol, the Avonair must be notified to provide a bartender.

  • A fee of $20/hour will be added on if you wish to have a Bartender
  • You can determine when you would like the Bartender to be available - before, during, and/or after your event - at a minimum of 2 hours


Our Caterer can provide your event with a fantastic Banquet or simply be open for individual purchase as a concession. 

  • Caterer Information TBA
  • We require that our caterer will have a minimum of $200 in sales; the group will pay the difference should there be less than $200 in sales

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The Avonair is a modern eight sheet rink featuring exceptional ice conditions and a variety of instructional, recreational and competitive programs. We are a curling club that welcomes players of all levels, from beginner to competitive, and are committed to supporting curling at the grass root level.

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