Dice Curling

Dice Curling

The rules of dice curling are simple. Throw 16 rocks from one end of the ice to the other. Stop. Let the dice decide the score.


To play an end of curling, the two teams take turns throwing rocks. So, for example, the lead from team red throws a rock, then the lead from team yellow throws a rock, then the lead from team red throws their second rock, and so forth. Each person on a 4 person team throws two rocks in a row, alternating with the person of the same position from the opposing team. Once every person on each team has thrown two rocks, the end is over. 

Normally, regular curling scoring would take place at this point. In dice curling, the teams roll a foam dice and let fate decide the score. The number on the dice when it lands will tell the teams how to score the end. If the following numbers are rolled, this is how the end will be scored. *Note: In dice curling, both teams can score points each end.*

  1. All rocks in the free guard zone (between the hog line and the house) count for points.
  2. All rocks in the house count for points.
  3. All rocks touching a line of some sort count for points.
  4. All rocks out of play count for points.
  5. Regular scoring.
  6. Reverse scoring (if red would normally score two points, yellow gets those two points).

At the end of the game (when four ends have been played), the team with the most points wins! 

If you have not curled before, or have limited curling experience, dice curling is the way to go! Because the scoring method is up to a roll of the dice, the playing field will be completely even between a rookie team and a competitive team. This makes the event fun for everyone!

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